Services with a smile

Service stations are a popular stomping grounds for the fan of the crafty cock jot. Add to that an amusing poster whose principal aim is to draw attention to the shortcomings and too quick comings of a gentleman’s old feller and you’ve got a cock-tale cocktail recipe for bog flavoured spotted dick.

It was so inevitable that this advert on the inside of a toilet door in the gents of Toddington Services on the north bound carriageway of the M1 was going to be tampered with by a graffitist that the marketers might as well have attached a little betting pen on a piece of string with a join the dot puzzle.

The artist was faced with an obvious problem, since the gents in the photo in the gents have hats to hide their offending articles. But this imposition has been batted aside with scant regard for anatomical correctness or indeed anatomical erectness. Adding further confusion to this already heavily mixed Freudian message is the fact that the penis is ejaculating yet still very clearly only a semi.

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