Dick Mystery at Djursholms gräddhylla

Our friends in Sweden are famed for being healthy, wealthy, attractive and well-educated. They’re also famed for being a bit boring and earnest.

This week I was sent a clip from a Swedish newspaper that goes some way to dispel the above as stereotypical myth. Well, the bit about being boring and earnest at least.

The picture comes from the paper Realtid which was apparently attempting to snoop on an expensive property by using the local equivalent of Google maps when it stumbled across something far more interesting…

Deciphering the hidden message behind this Swedish swinger is a tricky business. If you look to the north east of the giant phallus you’ll see a pentagram mowed into the lawn. So perhaps the penis is part of some Satanic ritual? The Swedes bloody love death metal, so I reckon the chances are quite high.

The headline of the piece in the paper translates as ‘Dick Mystery at Djusholms Graddhylla’.

If I ever form a death metal band, this will be the name of our first album.

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