Cockywrite infringement?

I started this blog in August 2010. The plan was to put photos of graffiti penises up and then to write short appraisals of the work. I thought the world would be full of graffiti cocks. A never-ending supply of crudely scrawled or spray painted penises. I figured people would soon catch on to the blog and start sending in photos, it’d go viral. I’d be on Graham Norton and ultimately be able to give up my proper job and become a media player.

I discovered that the world is not actually full of graffiti cocks. Furthermore, I also discovered that I wasn’t really that funny. I generated small levels of apathy about the blog among my friends. Wanksy withered on the vine.

Then, last Christmas, when I was out shopping at the last minute for presents. I saw this book:


Fucking hell.

In fairness to the authors, it’s way better than my blog, features better graffiti and is more more amusing. Bastards. Go and buy it here.

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